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Mary Andrade
Mary J. Andrade

In 1987, Mary J. Andrade started a journalistic research project, which began in Janitzio, Michoacan. Since then, Mary has covered a different state of the Mexican Republic each year to gather information and take photographs of a pre-Hispanic tradition known as Day of the Dead— a tradition that has evolved through the centuries and has become an integral element of the Mexican spirit and culture.

With the purpose of increasing awareness of this tradition, Mary travels throughout Mexico each October and interviews local inhabitants, anthropologists, and anyone with knowledge of Day of the Dead as it is celebrated in their communities. Through study, she realized the subtle differences in the celebrations among the states of Mexico. Above all, she discovered a deep respect for this age-old tradition.

Mary J. Andrade received “The Mexican Silver Quilt” award in 2000 from the Secretary of Tourism of the Mexican Government for her first book, Through the Eyes of the Soul, Day of the Dead in Mexico, which focuses on the state of Michoacan. Furthermore, all her books have received “The Latino Literary Hall of Fame” award in different categories.

“The Vigil of the Little Angels,” a bilingual book for children, has received two awards from “The Latino Literary Hall of Fame”. In addition, in April 2005, the book was published in Spanish and P’urhepecha, a native language and was also sponsored by the Secretary of Tourism of the State of Michoacan.

Mary J. Andrade can be contact at (408) 436-7850 or e-mail mary@dayofthedead.com or mary@laoferta.com.

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