“Through the Eyes of the Soul, Day of the Dead in Mexico – Oaxaca” is now available in e-book format

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With broad and in depth content about this pre-Hispanic tradition in the State of Oaxaca, “Through the Eyes of the Soul, Day of the Dead in Mexico – Oaxaca,” has been published.

Written by Mary J. Andrade in English and Spanish and published by La Oferta Publishing Co. is now available for sale in digital format through Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble and Kobo Books.

The bilingual text in the book is accompanied by more than 60 color photographs, and highlights Día de Muertos traditions in the Mexican state of Oaxaca, where Mary J. Andrade began her investigation visiting the capital city of the state and towns like Xoxocotlan, Ocotlan and Teotitlan del Valle. On a second trip to the State of Oaxaca she continued her research in Santa Ana del Valle, Matatlan and Zaachila, which are located in the Central Valleys. On a subsequent trip, she traveled to the southern part of the state, to the Isthmus of Tehuantepec covering three cities: Tehuantepec, Salina Cruz and Juchitan.

The text, written in English and Spanish, explains the contrasts between the celebration of Day of the Dead in the Central Valleys and the Xandu Ya or All Saints Day in Tehuantepec. The difference between the altars and biquies as well as the preparations through the colorful activities at the produce and flower markets of the Central Valleys and the Isthmus, to the exceptionally beautiful rituals of the night vigils at the cemeteries in towns like Xoxocotlan close to the city of Oaxaca.

The book offers the introduction written by the ex Historian of the City of Tehuantepec, Cesar Rojas Petriz, and several poems allusive to the tradition written by the Spanish poet Julie Sopetran, and descriptions of each element on the altars as well as the recipe of the traditional offering such as Oaxacan tamales (tamales oaxaqueños).

Mary Andrade’s extensive travel throughout Mexico has resulted in a photographic study of exceptional and profound significance. Images and information concerning her books and research can be seen at www.dayofthedead.com.

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