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Candy, Chocolate and Amaranto Skulls

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Candy, chocolate and Amaranth Skulls and the Symbolism in the celebration

The cult of the “skull” is almost universal; many cities around the world have preserved it due to the belief that in it the powers of the deceased can be found. In pre-Hispanic Mexico rituals were dedicated to them. The calaveras are equally alive through the celebration of the Day of the Dead. These verses poke fun, in the form of an epitaph, at the defects of people who are presented as dead. This tradition that originated in colonial times has ties to certain religious expressions of the High European Middle Ages which can be seen in the Danza de la Muerte (Death’s Dance) and the indigenous pre-colonial beliefs that reflect death as an inseparable companion. One of the best known calaveras, is the one dedicated to an Chocolate skullsex-dictator of Mexico, General Porfirio Diaz: “The English man is a skeleton so is the Italian and Maximilian; the Roman Pontiff, all cardinals kinga, dukes and councilmen and the Head of State in the grave are all the same: only a pile of skeletons.” Children, carrying a pumpkin, sing their calaveras hoping to receive a token of gratitude from those that listen to them.In Xoxocotla, Morelos, I found a group of children who would not allow us to pass Te quierowithout first listening to them: “Death is hungry, is there a piece of bread somewhere around there? Don’t finish it all, leave some for me. Chili with egg, chili with bread, death wants to eat.”


The calaveras are also reflected in these festivities in the recordings of Jose Guadalupe Posada. Candy skulls come in different sizes. Sugar is dissolved in water until it becomes a thick syrup which is then poured into molds. Once the Dulcessugar hardens it is decorated with colored sugar and brightly colored paper cut-ups. Finally, a Christian name is placed on the forehead of the skull. In this manner one can buy a candy skull with the name of a friend or relative so that they can “eat their skull.” Candy skulls and figurines made of sugar are also used in the altars, symbolizing the deceased who are being honored. In the new offering in Morelos, candy skulls specifically symbolize the head of the honoree, whose body is represented by the altar.

Sugar skulls

Amaranth skulls are also made this time, using walnuts for the eye sockets and peanuts or pumpkin-seeds for the teeth. Chocolate skulls are equally appetizing, easily seen in the marketplace among the sugar and amaranth skulls.

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chocolate with skull design?

chocolate with skull design? wow it very unique, how about the taste? &
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Chocolate with skull design

Regarding your question, the skulls made of chocolate are really good. I have enjoyed many of them during my trips to Mexico.
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  I love chocolate too much.Maxican calaveras is mind blowing and every one loves that. Celebration with candy chocolate, its awesome. Kids and women's clothing style are different and share pumpkin skull calaveras. 
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Excellent post

Amaranth,chocolate and candy skulls in different sizes and shapes are amazing.Wonderful Candies. Thanks, While Black Truffles Australia
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Interesting. I've seen a nice

Interesting. I've seen a nice film about Mexico. I downloaded it from shared files SE . It is true that they have such believes. But there are a lot of cultures who do not share such views. They think that it is too scary.
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Those are great sugar skulls.

Those are great sugar skulls. Lucky for me I can easily get mine at Olvera St.
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Mexican cuisine is related

Mexican cuisine is related with holidays and viceversa. Day of the dead is not an exception, so we have different kinds of bread of the dead, some kind of hard candy, a very complicated sauce with turkey or chicken,pumpkin boiled with cane sugar and, of course skulls in sugar, chocolate and seed.
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These are the most wonderful

These are the most wonderful candies I have seen, they are wonderfully decorated. They are excellent picks for gifts. Keith.
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Sugar skulls are available in

Sugar skulls are available in the panaderia at Mi Rancho markets in San José.
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Do you know where I can buy

Do you know where I can buy the chocolate or sugar day of the dead skulls? I do not want to make them myself. Thanks for your help! Michel
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